Handwritten Letters That Improve Your Debt Collection Response Rates By Up To 50%

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A major UK online retailer recently reported that by using hand written letters to chase up overdue account payments, their response and resolution rates went up by a staggering 30 to 50%!

There was a 50% increase in people phoning them to clear their overdue account balance and a 30% increase in people agreeing to pay down their debt by a specific date.

When you stop to think about it, the above cash chasing strategy makes perfect sense.

When was the last time you had a hand-written letter chasing up an overdue invoice or account balance?

Cash-chasing letters traditionally tend to be formal, cold, and impersonal (other than having your mail-merged name and address at the top).

So, if you’re struggling to get the cash in, especially in these difficult times when many people are feeling a squeeze on their finances, why not give handwritten letters a trial?

As illustrated on our price calculator page, the cost of handwritten letters doesn’t need to be high.

Our genuine pen-holding robots with totally authentic natural writing can handwrite large volumes of letters or personal notes at scale, and even small requirements can be cost effective, especially when you consider the reduced time cash-chasing and the lower legal fees because less accounts get badly overdue.

Types of Handwritten Letters for Cash Chasing, and How to Write Them

Sometimes the most effective method is simply to include a handwritten note along with your standardised cash chasing letter.

This can be on a compliment slip, or even just a small piece of lined paper if you want it to look extra-authentic (just like the A5 or A6 paper you’d tear off a note pad).

Our robots can even write hand-written notes on post-it notes, which you can then stick onto your letter.

Or you can hand-write the entire letter using our robot writers – the key here if you take this option is to make it reasonably short and simple and informal – a long several page letter using stiff traditional business language is less likely to come across as authentically written by a human being, so you lose the personal touch.

Including phrases like “as we haven’t heard back from you yet, I thought to write again personally…” can help re-enforce the personal touch.

When writing these types of letters, it’s probably best to keep clear of unnecessarily formal phrases like “further to our correspondence dated 5th June, I forthwith issue this further reminder that…”

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