Handwritten Letters vs Typed Letters

Handwritten Letters vs Typed Letters

When it comes to direct mail ideas, there are plenty around, from letters to coupons, catalogues to pens and keyrings. There’s no shortage of ideas and no shortage of companies utilising direct mail.

With so much competition, it’s hard to get your message noticed among all the rest. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to direct mail, you should consider using handwritten letters. Why you may ask. What’s the benefit? Well, there are plenty of reasons why sending handwritten letters makes sense when it comes to direct mail ideas.


Your post arrives. It’s the usual mix of bills, brochures and other direct mail but there, in the middle of the pile is a handwritten envelope. Your immediate thought is to wonder what it is. Who has taken the time to send you a handwritten letter in this digital age? So, of course, you open it, and find a handwritten letter inside. Again, you’re intrigued, so you take the time to read it.

Whether or not the offer inside is of interest to the recipient, they’ve received and read your message, meaning that your direct mail was successful.


In life, we all want to feel that we’re treated as an individual, that we matter. With much marketing material, it’s targeted at the masses, with no attempt at personalisation. With so much direct mail around, messages are easily lost in the crowd. Equally, it’s easy for people to feel that most marketing material has no relevance to us, and to ignore it.

Personalisation is a key tool when it comes to direct mail. A handwritten letter makes people feel like they matter, that they’re important to your business and are seen as an individual rather than just another potential moneymaker for your company. It’s the ultimate in personalisation.

Personalised Notes

Emotional and cognitive response

Research shows that we experience an emotional response to direct mail in a way that we don’t to other forms of marketing. The very effect of receiving something tangible evokes an emotional reaction in us that’s not replicated when it comes to other marketing methods.

When that direct mail is a handwritten letter, the response is even stronger, as we appreciate the time and effort that has gone into the letter, and that we’re being treated as an individual. There’s a sense of connection between the reader and the sender.

Stronger bond with the reader

The effect of the personalisation and the emotional and cognitive response to your direct mail is that the reader forms a stronger bond with the sender. There’s a feeling of a personal connection, that the sender cares about them. That makes them more likely to consider using your business and purchasing your goods or services.


When it comes to direct mail ideas, you want to be memorable to the recipient of your mail. You want them to remember your business over others. A handwritten letter is so unusual in this digital age –  we rarely even receive personal ones – that they’re sure to remember your mail out of all the direct mail they receive. That means that when they’re in the market for your product or service they’re more likely to choose your business over your competitors.

It shows care

All too much direct mail marketing is generic and aimed at the masses. There’s no sense that the companies care about their potential customers other than as potential moneymakers.

Handwritten letters make your business stand out from the crowd as one that really values each customer as an individual, not just another way of making money. Through taking the time to write to them, there’s a sense of care and consideration that other direct mail ideas simply can’t match. 

Fist Impressions Count

Longer lasting impact

All of the above combine together to form a lasting impression on the recipient of your direct mail. This means that they’re more likely to remember your business even after the letter has been consigned to the rubbish bin. And that’s the aim of direct mail – making an impact on your potential customers so that they want to use your business.

Limited space focuses the message

A letter needs to be brief and to the point to keep your reader’s interest. That means you have to focus on communicating your message in as few words as possible. The limited space available in a letter forces you to do just that, getting your message across succinctly and concisely. A message that’s likely to be remembered.

Return on investment

Any marketing material needs to generate a return on investment. When people feel a personal connection to your business, they’re more likely to use your services or purchase your goods, which generates a greater return on investment. Handwritten letters, especially when accurately targeted to those most likely to be interested in your business, offer a great return on investment, whether you’re looking for sales or want to raise awareness of what you offer.


So now you know the benefits of handwritten letters, isn’t it time to start utilising them in your direct marketing campaigns?

Roboquill’s innovative approach combines robotic technology with an authenticity that means even those who know your handwriting wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s completely scalable, from one letter to thousands, and each will be perfect.

Each letter is written using your preferred pen type, from fountain pens with real ink to Biros and Sharpies. You can either use your own stationery or, if you prefer, your letters can be printed on our premium quality Conqueror writing paper and envelopes. We can also add any other items to your letters that you want to send to your intended audience.

So with all these benefits, when it comes to direct mail ideas, shouldn’t you be considering handwritten letters as part of your marketing strategy?

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