Case Study: When a Hand Written Note Dropped Through My Letterbox

Hand written complement slip for direct mail marketing

One of my colleagues has just sent me these photos, showing some direct mail that dropped through their front door at home (from one of those leaflet drop services where a whole bundle of leaflets are delivered through every door in your neighbourhood).

In spite of knowing all about the advantages of hand-written communication for direct mail, my colleague was excited to receive some hand-written mail first hand, and experience how much it stood out:

Hand written complement slip vs glossy full colour leaflets

Simple, Yet Effective

With a leaflet drop direct mail service like this one, you don’t have the opportunity to use a hand-written envelope, so the use of handwriting on a compliment slip is a clever and effective alternative to grab your attention.

The above example comes across 100% authentic and personal, almost like the tradesman himself had knocked on the door and explained his services to you, and yet many times less intrusive!

Compared against the other glossy full-colour brochures in the bundle, this hand-written note is the one that my colleague felt compelled to read right through.

The other leaflets made excessive use of different font sizes, colours, and all the usual call to action techniques that people are so hardened to seeing, and went straight in the bin as ‘yet more junk mail’.

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