Handwritten Notes For Business

Handwritten Notes For Business

Why Handwritten Notes?

Amidst increasing online advertising, often referred to as ‘noise’, direct mail is making a comeback, as the way to make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd.

Even better than direct mail, however, is hand written notes.

The reason? Hand written notes show that you care. They show that you’ve taken some time and effort to do something direct and personal. They help you to stand out from personalised but typeset mailings that are mass produced. Mail-merged variable data print is nothing new, and virtually every item you receive in the post is personalised like this nowadays, but very few are hand-written, hence the massive impact that a handwritten note can have.

Simply using a hand-writing font is not good enough. Whilst some of these are very realistic, again, these are not a particularly new concept, and few people will be fooled into thinking that a handwritten font is genuine.

Why Handwritten Notes Are So Uncommon In Business

The biggest reason for not using handwritten notes as a sales and marketing tool in business is the same reason why they are so effective.

They take time and effort to write, and whilst the results will often justify doing this, many are put off by the sheer lack of scalability.

This is where RoboQuill’s cutting edge technology and real-life, pen holding robot, capable of writing 1000s of ‘hand’ written letters at scale, suddenly looks set to revolutionise the direct mail (and digital marketing) industries…

A Real Life Pen Holding Robot!

RoboQuill have invested in one of the most up to date and cutting edge robot-writing systems available.

RoboQuill’s hand-written notes are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Over 2000 Integrations

Capable of integrating with over 2000 common CRMs and online platforms, such as Hubspot, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, PipeDrive, Trello, Google Docs, Google Sheets, MailChimp, and more, this is where automation and the ancient art of handwriting meet.

Hand written note integrations infographic


Not Just Notes

Our robot is equally at home writing onto letterhead paper, envelopes, lined notepaper, post-it notes, odd shape and size marketing items – you name it.

Unlike some hand-writing automation services which have size limits, shape restrictions, etc; we like to think that our helpful robots are very human and can tackle virtually any writing task with ease.

Business letters with a personal touch? Not just possible, we guide you to help achieve the desired result.

Uses Outside Of Sales And Marketing

Hand written notes can be used for many other business purposes, not just marketing direct mail, such as cash chasing.

And the applications extend beyond business too – handwritten Christmas cards, handwritten invitations to a special event, etc.

Contact the team at RoboQuill for any hand-writing requirements – our minimum order is 1 item.

01780 908124 or [email protected]


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