Direct Mail Marketing Ideas

Direct Mail Ideas

What direct mail ideas are there?

There is a whole range of direct mail ideas for businesses to choose from. These include:

  1. Letters
  2. Postcards
  3. Leaflets
  4. Postcards
  5. Circulars
  6. Catalogues
  7. Free Newspapers
  8. Coupon Booklets
  9. Pens
  10. Keyrings
  11. CD’s

They often include promotional items, such as discounts or free gifts.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a fairly traditional way of marketing by, as its name suggests, mailing directly to the organisation’s intended audience. It uses customised marketing material to target identified potential customers, with the material addressed directly to the recipient.

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, targeting as it does the most likely customers, and tailoring the offering to their specifically identified wants and needs. Unlike traditional or digital advertising, it makes its way directly into the hands of the most relevant people.

Is it direct mail marketing still relevant?

In this digital age, this is a reasonable question. After all, why send out material that can take days to arrive and that costs money to produce, when you can send an email that instantly reaches the intended recipient for almost no cost? Then there are social media, influencer marketing, and web content, all vying for attention in a crowded market where people have limited time.

But there is something much more personal about direct mail marketing when it’s targeted correctly, especially when it’s as individual as a handwritten letter. Direct mail feels more permanent, and it’s something that the recipient can keep and refer back to later, whereas emails are easily lost among the many that most people receive every day. And with online marketing, there’s no guarantee that your target market has even seen your promotional material.

Objectives of direct mail marketing

As with any form of marketing, there could be a range of objectives when searching for direct mail marketing campaign ideas. These may be the obvious, such as attracting new customers or enticing existing customers to buy more, or it could be to introduce products and services or inform and educate people about your work, services, or products.

Who uses direct mail marketing?

Almost any organisation you think of does or could use direct mail marketing, whether it’s business to consumer, or business to business. From retailers to wholesalers, service providers to charities, all can benefit from well-targeted direct mail ideas.

What kind of people respond to direct mail marketing?

Anyone can potentially respond to direct mail marketing, as long as it’s targeted correctly. Homeowners may be interested in home improvements for example, whereas renters are unlikely to be. A twenty-year-old is probably not going to be interested in funeral plans, while someone in their sixties may be thinking of taking one out.

The more targeted the mailing, the more likely it is to succeed in its purpose and the better the Return on Investment. By segmenting potential customers, and narrowly identifying the most relevant audience, direct mail marketing can be extremely effective and profitable.

Call to action

When planning your direct mail ideas the call to action – that is what you want your potential customer to do – should be clear, concise and powerful. It should be repeated in the material so that the recipient understands what they need to do, and it helps them remember your business and your offering.

Benefits of direct mail marketing


As already mentioned, direct mail marketing is all about personalisation. And personalisation should never be underestimated. It triggers a range of emotional responses that other forms of marketing simply don’t.

People like to feel valued and seen as an individual. Direct mail marketing achieves just that. It makes the recipient feel that they’re not just another number. Handwritten letters offer the ultimate in personalisation.


Good direct mail marketing is accurately targeted so that it gets seen. There’s no point getting clever and creative or providing a great offering if it’s never looked at. Even today, everyone still checks their post. And everyone likes to receive something other than bills through the post.

If direct mail looks intriguing and interesting, it’ll get opened out of curiosity and to check if it’s important. Handwritten envelopes look interesting and personal, and are sure to be opened as people are eager to see what they’ve received.


It can be difficult to quantify the response to many forms of marketing, and it’s often a best guess. With direct mail marketing, responses are much more measurable, especially where special offers are concerned.

What makes great direct mail ideas?

Execution is key when it comes to direct mail ideas. You want something that stands out from the crowd. While many organisations opt for bright images, flashy logos and bold fonts, people can become immune to the similarity of the marketing material they receive.

Finding something different that shouts out your uniqueness immediately to your audience is important if you’re going to be noticed. That’s why handwritten letters are a great solution. Almost unique in today’s market, they’re a nod back to a bygone era, when life was more personal.


The ultimate in personalisation in direct mail ideas are handwritten letters. They demonstrate a personal touch that simply can’t be replicated with any other form of marketing, and is designed to make sure that your marketing material gets in front of your intended audience. Who can resist opening a handwritten envelope?

RoboQuill’s innovative approach combines robotic technology with an authenticity that means even those who know your handwriting wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s completely scalable, from one letter to thousands, and each will be perfect.

Each letter is written using your preferred pen type, from fountain pens with real ink to Biros and Sharpies. You can use your own stationery too, or our premium quality Conqueror writing paper and envelopes. We can also add any other items to your letters that you want to send to your intended audience.


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